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KATLA Shares A New Ode to Iceland's Beauty Entitled "Nátthagi"

The Icelandic duo's new track erupts like the volcano they are named for.

The Icelandic duo's new track erupts like the volcano they are named for.

Alone in the northern Atlantic Ocean, Iceland sits as a land of scenic beauty and a small population. It undoubtedly lends itself to a sense of nature not felt in many other places across the globe.  Beautiful, natural contradictions converge into a world baptized in fire and ice. Active volcanoes and lava fields coexist with glaciers and icy rivers. The insular nation has consequently become a surging tourist attraction. People from all over travel to witness the pure beauty of the nation. Another surging aspect of Iceland its diverse music culture.

Iceland's metal scene has grown into its own force. Ben Frost and Björk have also become relative household names. Of course, the biggest name, as it pertains this audience, might be Sólstafir. The black metal band turned prog rock entity has held a storied legacy as Icelandic musicians since the late 90's. Now former drummer, Guðmundur Óli Pálmason, has begun a new project with singer and multi-instrumentalist, Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson entitled Katla. The project aims to convey the natural radiance of their homeland through expansive and atmospheric metal.

"Nátthagi", which Metal Injection is proud to bring the United States premiere for, is a perfect example of the duo's mission. The second song released from the impending Mó∂urástin album features dark, post-hardcore vocals from Guðmundsson and strong hooks. Hence it possesses a unique, entrancing quality. Pálmason's talent and experience from his Sólstafir days found its way into Katla. The duo's music certainly shares a similar ethereal shape. The main difference stemming from their dark and shimmering take on Iceland's beauty.

Stream "Nátthagi" below and pre-order their debut, Mó∂urástin, from Prophecy Productions. Follow Katla on Facebook as well.

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