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DEFEATED SANITY's "At One With Wrath" Is Brutal Death Metal That Will Make You a Fan Instantly

There is not a single riff, fill, or note that sounds out of place.

There is not a single riff, fill, or note that sounds out of place.

Defeated Sanity is a more well-known band in the Brutal Death metal subgenre. It seems as if with every release, they continue to solidify their stance as being one of the superior bands in their genre. With their last release in 2013 being Passages into Deformity, Defeated Sanity will be releasing two EPs for their fifth "full-length" release via Willowtip Records.

We have already had a taste of their EP Disposal of the Dead here, but today, we get a first look into their more experimental EP entitled Dharmata.

Dharmata for me is the more anticipated album. We all know Defeated Sanity are extremely talented musicians, and this is evident with the catalog of releases they have produced since their inception in 1994. What "At One With Wrath" displays is the diverse composition they are able to create. The older style metal sound is captured with the production and vocals very well. There are fast groovy sections overlaid with jazzy bass lines and drum fills. The transition to a slower progressive jazz groove early on is seamless and does not seem out of place. The speedy riffs escalating out continue the song's groove. From blast beats to a brief guttural growl, to the twangy supporting bass which is the cherry on top, you will be on the edge of your seat until its final destination which will land you past the five minute mark.

The mood is clear and focused, there is not a single riff, fill, or note that sounds out of place. "At One With Wrath" is more than I was expecting. Even the little effects on the drums bring out the indescribable mood that is apparent through the entire track. For example, at the 3 minute mark there is a brief guitar solo that sounds as if it is being played in a small tin cube. Anywhere outside of Dharmata, this might sound like garbage, but it is absolutely what's needed in "At One With Wrath" to achieve that old school progressive metal tone.

I look forward to both these EPs being released on July 22nd of this year. Make your Pre-orders here.

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