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Song Premiere

DEAD MAN’S CHEST Unleash War With A Cover Of BOLT THROWER’S “As The World Burns”

Though Dead Man’s Chest version might have some throwing fists, spin kicks or stage dives.

There’s a case to be made that most kids into hardcore are future death metal fanatics. At least for many of us in the early 2000s it was only a matter of time until we heeded the cries of death.

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London, UK’s Dead Man’s Chest play a form of metallic hardcore that many will be familiar with: ultra heavy with plenty of death oozing into its pores while maintaining that hardcore/punk core. And what better way with for the band to open 2020 than with a Bolt Thrower cover?

True to its roots in scope, Dead Man’s Chest take on “As The World Burns.” A death metal track that sounds perfectly at home in the hands of a metallic hardcore unit. This isn’t spiced up or altered, this is pure crushing tribute.

The song opens like a cinder block to the jaw and stream rolls forward. The leads, the solos, the bulldozing energy from the original is all here. Though Dead Man’s Chest version might have some throwing fists, spin kicks or stage dives. Listen below.

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Man’s Chest will release Dear God, a new  7” EP on Feb. 28. Preorder it here.

Dead Man's Chest Facebook | Bandcamp

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