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CHURCH OF DISGUST Imagines Nightmarish Torture on "Consumed By Slow Putrefaction"

The Texas death metal band returns later this month with a brand new EP through Maggot Stomp. Listen to the title track now.

Church of Disgust

It's been some time since death metal felt Church of Disgust's full force. The Texas-based quartet released Venerations of Filth back in 2016 as well as a split with Cemetery Filth in 2018. The reissue of their 2016 full-length got picked up by deathly curators, Maggot Stomp. The symbiosis between label and band has subsequently garnered a lot of excitement for their impending return. Both entities have seen increased exposure recently. The band's return comes this month in the form of a new EP called Consumed by Slow Putrefaction.

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The band released a statement to follow the announcement of this new EP stating, "Church of Disgust re-emerges from the swamp with “Consumed by Slow Putrefaction,” the uncompromising follow-up to 2016’s “Veneration of Filth.” This new 3-song EP is strictly no-frills, no gimmicks death metal from the American South. The title track is a frantic crusher inspired by the mythos created by horror writer Brian Keene and a particularly sickening torture method employed by the Etruscan King Mezentius."

CHURCH OF DISGUST Imagines Nightmarish Torture on "Consumed By Slow Putrefaction"

Keene is an award-winning horror novelist who has written numerous book series and other titles. King Mezentius, meanwhile, was notorious for a particularly savage brand of torture. He would routinely tie dead bodies to the living—hand to hand, face to face—to bring about a slow death who liquefied themselves into pus and rot. It's a rather horrific and twisted blend, but it certainly fits the bill for Church of Disgust's new track and EP.

Listen to an exclusive stream of the title track to Consumed By Slow Putrefaction now. The EP arrives on February 28th through Maggot Stomp. Be sure to pick up a copy from the label. Also, follow Church of Disgust on Facebook and Instagram. Maggot Stomp is on Facebook and Instagram

Cody Davis is on Twitter and Instagram

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