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OZZY OSBOURNE's New Track "Soul Sucka" Now Streaming

OZZY OSBOURNE's New Track "Soul Sucka" Now StreamingRemember when the title of Ozzy's new album was going to be "Soul Sucka" and then everybody shit on it so he changed it to Scream? Turns out "Soul Sucka" was a title of a track on his new CD. And, it premiered on BBC Radio 1's "Rock Show With Daniel P Carter".

Of course, some fine samaritan ripped the track and is streaming it on Youtube. Immediately, I am surprised at how heavy the track starts and then quickly turned off by the vocoder effects of Ozzy singing "Soul Sucka". But I guess they are going for catchy, and I can totally see that being stuck in my head and then cursing the day I ever listened to track in the first place. In fact, now that I've written that sentence, I can't get it out of my head. THIS HAS TO STOP!! RUN, SAVE YOURSELVES!!! Or listen below…

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Ozzy's new album, Scream is in stores June 22nd.

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