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MAYHEM Annihilates All On New Song "Of Worms And Ruins"

This record is going to rule.

So it seems like the new Mayhem record is going to end up on a lot of year end lists, huh? The band just released their second single "Of Worms And Ruins" and it's all types of bleak, crushing black metal that's sure to please every Mayhem fan.

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Here's what guitarist Teloch had to say about the song.

"Here we are, yet another chapter written in the book of Mayhem, with a track that Ghul wrote. This is a premiere track for Ghul, showing off what he will bring to the table. So indeed our new album has two composers, instead of one. It shall be much more interesting, as for Mayhem, having two composers in the band, is not the norm. Turn up the fucking Volume!"

Daemon is out October 25.

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