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Start Your Day With A New IHSAHN Song!

Ihsahn posted a new song today called "NaCl," which is the chemical compound for sodium chloride… I had to Google that. What I didn't have to look up is my love for this song; I figured that one out nice and easy.

We've already heard "Hiber" off the new Ihsahn record Das Seelenbrechen coming out on October 21 via Candlelight Records, so why not jam a second track? I can assure you that while this and "Hiber" might lead you to believe that the new Ihsahn record is "just a little bit experimental,"which is wrong. These are the two most "normal" tracks you'll be getting from the man, as the rest of the album is just flat out nuts… but "NaCl" is still a super good song. Jam! Enjoy! Prepare for the imminent weirdness!


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