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METALLICA's "Doris" Ends Up Crowdsurfing, Band Plays "Atlas, Rise!" Live For The First Time In Colombia

The cover of …And Justice For All comes to life!

The cover of …And Justice For All comes to life!

Metallica played Bogota, Colombia last night and it seems like quite a crazy gig. Being in New York, I might be jaded because of how many metal shows come around, but I bet the metal fans in Bogota don't get nearly as much metal, especially the likes of Metallica.

So naturally, the crowd went fucking nuts. How nuts? Somehow, Doris, aka Lady Justice, as seen on the cover of …And Justice For All ended up crowdsurfing. It's unclear if this was a stage prop, or somebody built a giant Doris. If it's the latter, how the hell did that get through security? Update: Shortly after publishing this post, a fan noted that Doris was created by a Colombian Metallica fan club called METALLICOLOMBIA. More photos of Doris below.

The band also performed their new single, "Atlas, Rise!," for the first time:

Metallica's new album, Hardwired…To Self Destruct is out November 18th. Pre-order on Amazon for $11.99.

Here are some more photos of the Doris construction by fan group METALLICOLOMBIA

doris-3 doris-1a doris-1 doris-2

[via The PRP]

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