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METALLICA Release New Version of "The Lords of Summer" on iTunes

Posted by on June 20, 2014 at 1:36 pm

As if the live bootleg or the "garage demo version" weren't enough, Metallica have now released an updated version of their new track, "The Lords of Summer" on iTunes as a single for $1.29.

You can buy it here or sample it on iTunes radio.

I've listened to the song and it sounds exactly the same, save for some better production. As I initially discussed, does it really need to be an eight minute song? Can somebody in Metallica's camp try to put a restriction on them to not make a song longer than 5 minutes. We don't need to hear the same riff 20 times. I'm not saying the song is bad either, I just think that Metallica can make shorter songs.

Metallica have previously said they are unsure if this track will even make the final cut of their new album, which we will get eventually.

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