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Joey Jordison Kills SCAR THE MARTYR, Unveils New Band, VIMIC – Hear Their First Single

Posted by on May 5, 2016 at 12:35 pm

Joey Jordison's first project since parting ways with Slipknot, Scar the Martyr, is no more. In the ashes of the band, Jordison rises with his new project… Vimic.

Vimic consists of virtually the same exact lineup as Scar The Martyr, with the exception of vocalist Henry Derrick, who left the band (or was fired depending on who you ask) and is replaced by  Kalen Chase, who Jordison plucked as a virtual unknown last year. The band is rounded out by Kris Norris (guitar/vocals), Jed Simon (guitar/vocals), Kyle Konkiel (bass/vocals) and Matt Tarach (keyboards). Vimic just premiered its first single, "Simple Skeletons" over at SiriusXM Liquid Metal. Reader James Alexson sent this radio rip:

You can hear a high-quality WAV version of the track on the SiriusXM site.

Asked by Liquid Metal DJ Jose Mangin why he decided to ditch the Scar The Martyr name, Jordison said:

“I decided I wanted to start fresh. I did not want to keep rehashing old ideas. If I am going to keep going, I really just wanted to break loose and wipe the slate clean. So I renamed the band, and I got a new singer and a new keyboard player [plus] three other members from the Scar the Martyr lineup. We went down into the basement and started demoing material and everything started clicking.”

“We didn’t have too many big goals,” he recalled. “There wasn’t too much pressure from the label. We just went in, like let’s just go back to getting into the studio, jamming as a band, getting together with our instruments and not having anything too formulated and just creating from the ground up. And that was one of the coolest things about creating this record was it was really old-school style. We’re totally proud of it, man.”

The band is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album, Open Your Omen. The band began with 40 songs and cut it down to 20, which they are finalizing with producer Kato Khandwala (My Chemical Romance, Paramore).

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