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VOIVOD Joined By Former Bassist Jason Newsted On Stage

Jason Newsted is back in the public eye!

Jason Newsted is back in the public eye!

Man, the last posts we have about Jason Newsted are from 2014 when he dropped off the Soundwave Festival and then cancelled his remaining shows that February and March. His band Newsted went inactive as well in 2014, and Newsted shortly dropped off all social media thereafter. So whatever happened to the dude in the interim, we're not really sure.

Then on June 8, at Slim's in San Francisco, California, Newsted resurfaced on stage with Voivod! Currently there's no information for how long Newsted was up on stage with Voivod (a few songs, the whole show, etc.), but it's cool to see Newsted back! For those unfamiliar with his work outside Metallica, Newsted played bass in Voivod from 2002 to 2009 and performed on the Voivod, Katorz, and Infini records.

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