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The Monday Grind


It's Monday and Mondays suck, so let's grind it out with a three-way split from Suffering Quota, Psychoneurosis and Herida Profunda.

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It may be a new year but I know personally speaking I'll still be catching up on 2019 releases for the next year. It was a cycle of music and I could probably spend at least half of this year on great '19 releases. We'll see how that pans out as the months crawl on into what is doubtlessly going to be a very…entertaining year.

One of the bands here The Monday Grind has covered before: Herida Profunda. So if you're not privy yet, you will be. A crusty hardcore/grindcore four-piece unit out of Poland that spits out some memorable, groovy tunes. Here they offer up four tracks.

"Power to the People" is a pure grinder plain and simple. The track is a crushing slab of blasts that get the blood pumping. Following that, the band leans a little more into the hardcore realm while still maintaining that grind attitude with "Holy Books." As quickly as it starts, it's over. "Remembrance Day" keeps things rolling in the hardcore realm until it splits off into the grind realm. And finally, "Alerta 161" concludes their offerings on a very hardcore note.

Psychoneurosis also hails out of Poland. Revived back in 2016, the old school grinders date back as far as 1991. Expect plenty of punk vibe but with an edge of old school death metal to round out their grinding sound.

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First up, we have a cover of an Extreme Noise Terror song, "Believe What I Say." And if you know ENT, you know what a mainstay they are in the grind/crust genres. Psychoneurosis nail the vibe without sounding like they're trying to mimic the band. Absolute grinding goodness that feels like its ready to open a circle pit. Their second offering "Where Are We Heading" is a fat slice of grind with an infusion of punk. It's got the jump old school pump that quickly kicks its gears into grind, only to bounce back again. Absolutely killer stuff.

Finally, Suffering Quota from the Netherlands. This band has gained some ground in the grindcore genre in the last few years and for damn good reason. They're not reinventing the wheel in any way, but their strain of grind is skin peeling and relentless. One of those bands that could really bring in the death metal, hardcore and grind fans.

Their two track offering is a swift kick to the shins. Their first track "Rage" straightforward Nasum-esque grind. Not even 90-seconds long, but the piece is like a drill press to the skull. Their second track "Bastardized Yesterday" is slower to start, but also much longer. Clocking in over four-minutes, the track starts slow but quickly becomes a savage slab of grind with a dash of death metal. Though the piece is largely aggressive with plenty of grind to carry it along, but once it falls back into its slower mood it lets itself settle. Still pissed but plenty heavy and throat-tearing.

This is, of course, just a small slice of greatness from 2019. But what better way to get grinding into 2020 than with a three-way split? There's plenty of back catalog to all these bands and I encourage everyone to explore them. In the meantime, get grinding on this!

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Herida Profunda Facebook | Instagram

Psychoneurosis Facebook | YouTube

Suffering Quota Facebook

Single-sided 12” vinyl with B side etched. Regular black and limited transparent /clear release by:
783punx – UK
7Degrees Records – Germany
EatShitBuyDie Records – Netherlands
Ancient Temple Recordings – Canada
Black Omega Recordings – Germany
No Humano Records – Spain
MINOR-obscuR – Germany
Stradoom – Poland

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Cassette tape for Europe:
783punx – UK
Let The Bastards Grind – UK

Cassette tape for USA:
No Time records

CD release by:
Coyote Records – Russia

I'm here, here and here.

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