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GHOST Reveal Papa Emeritus III; Bootleg of Three New Songs, "Majesty," "From the Pinnacle to the Pit" Available

New Papa looks like old Papa.

New Papa looks like old Papa.

Moments ago, our friends at MetalSucks were sent the above photo by a fan. While it doesn't contain much of a description, it seems as though the character of Papa Emeritus II showed up unmasked to pass the mic to the newly crowned Papa Emeritus III. We've seen Papa II unmasked before in a bio and some live footage, so it makes sense he showed up here sans makeup. He passed the torch and the new Papa looks like a cross between the old Papas and Skeletor. Here's another look:

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MetalSucks reported that the band played four new songs at their show this evening in Linköping, Sweden. Besides the previously released Cirice, the band performed “From the Pinnacle to the Pit,” “Majesty” and “Absolution.” A quick Youtube search shows that one awesome fan already uploaded a bootleg of “From the Pinnacle to the Pit,” which you can see below.

It seems the main riff for this song is what played at the very end of their late night commercial last week. We'll update this page when more bootlegs become available.

Update: "Majesty," "Absolution," and the lead single, "Cirice" is now also available.

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Of course, regardless of the lore, it's the same person singing now as it has always been. Tobias Forge, and here's the proof.

I am really excited for Ghost!

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