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GHOST Teases Papa Emeritus III & New Material in Late-Night Commercial Spot


GHOST Teases Papa Emeritus III & New Material in Late-Night Commercial Spot

The new commercial ends with a shot of Papa Emeritus III

Our friends at Metal Insider were up late and spotted a two-minute spot for the new Ghost album, Meliora. The spot specifically advertises something in Philadelphia on September 26th but the album is scheduled for release on August 21.

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Metal Insider has a recap of the video:

“The clergy has been adjourned and the Nameless Ghouls have been summoned…,”a caption reads. It then cuts to a stern-looking woman leading a business meeting with the Ghouls, who, as always, aren’t seen. Over the seven years of the “Ghost project,” she says that two albums and two Papas has been respectable. But then she shifts gears, stating that because no churches have been opened, governments toppled, or world leaders converted to the cause, Papa II has been “let go” from his position. “He is a miserable, wounded and bitter old man,” she says. She then displays what looks to be the band’s third album, holds up a nameless ghoul’s new mask, and then introduces Papa Emeritus II’s “three months younger” brother, Papa Emeritus the 3rd. It cuts to a brief shot of the new Papa, as a bass-driven riff, presumably something from the forthcoming album, plays. Captions then read: “He Is Coming, Philadelphia, September 26″ before ending with ‘”Meliora” Coming Soon.’

Update: Several readers have pointed out that the actual Pope, Pope Francis is visiting Philadelphia on September 26th.

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