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Funeral Doom Friday



Somber salutations to you, doomers and gloomers. May your mausoleum be merry and your headstone uncluttered. May your epitaph be effortlessly etched. It’s Friday! Funeral Doom Friday to be precise. It’s warming up in some parts of the world. Which means the normal people – you know, those who enjoy sunlight and human contact – will be gathering for revelry and bacchanalia. 

Which means that the rest of us will have the option of going to some of our favorite places. Like our therapist’s office. Or visiting the local cemetery to make grave rubbings. Or…wait, who are we kidding? We’re not going out there. We’re staying inside. And listening to the latest tracks by the bands below! 

Ered Guldur

Sabadell, Spain’s Ered Guldur have emerged from their dungeon. They bring a strain of doom thick with haze and heavy on synth. Fuming with fuzz and dripping with doom, their debit The March Of The Undead should please any discerning doomfiend. The vocals echo like a lost soul wandering anathema throughout purgatory. Fans of deep bass guitar tones will want to seek this album out. You’ll crawl inside the album art, shut off the rest of the world, and remain there. Perhaps forever.

Physical copies available from Escafismo Records.

Nameless Grave

The rainy season must be exceptionally bleak in Wellington, New Zealand this year. Nameless Grave’s single-track EP The Warmth of the Sun Can No Longer Thaw the Ice From My Bones settles over you like a smoggy grey cumulonimbus cloud. Picture thick mist dangling over a shimmering lake at sunset. Now imagine yourself adrift in a rowboat at the center of that lake. The mist covers the sky in an impenetrable dome. You’re sealed off. It’s just you, the fog, and the lake. You have nowhere to go. Then, water below you starts to ripple and shift… That’s the atmosphere you get from Nameless Grave. This release shows incredible potential. I’d be excited to see what this band could do with a full-length. 


Hopefully Subterranean don’t wait another 7 years to release new music. Because their latest demo, A Myriad of Eyes (Demo II) is a bitter descent into the cavernous deep. There’s no darkness like that of a cave. It’s a place utterly absent of light. Subterranean brings that suffocating blackness to you in audio form. A darkness of substance, form, and matter. Something that fills space rather than empties it. True depressive artistry here. 

Hic Sunt Dracones

Historically, the Latin phrase “here be dragons” served as an omen of ill fortune. A harbinger of…well, doom. Which makes Ω, the debut release from Hic Sunt Dracones ideal for Funeral Doom Friday! With screeching  blackened shrieks, sole member Methanal guides the listener through a tour of their most terrifying nightmares. Ω is a single track divided into 3 parts. Each movement of the work builds upon the sorrowbound steps of its predecessor. Madness awaits and chaos abounds. 


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