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Funeral Doom Friday



Hello fellow doomers! Last Friday I celebrated another trip ‘round the sun. But in that time I’ve scrounged the miry depths to bring you the slowest, saddest, bleakest music out there.  Today’s Funeral Doom Friday includes new music from Rise To The Sky (Chile), Fragments of Lost Memories (Japan), and Eirð (Germany). Let’s dig into it! 

Rise To The Sky

A truly mournful masterpiece, Rise To The Sky’s new album Let Me Drown With You will be released March 12. The second track, “Dream The Pain Is Gone,” dazzles in its dreariness. What makes Let Me Drown With You so effective is the songwriting. Acoustic guitars and orchestral arrangements make each track an exquisite dirge. Solo contributor Sergio G has crafted a gripping, emotionally palpable atmosphere. You can’t help but be moved by this music. Underscoring this audible grief is the fact that Sergio dedicated the album to his father. He passed away Jan 6, 2021. Our condolences, sir. And thank you for such a sorrowful, beautiful album. 

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Fragments of Lost Memories

Aside from a Bandcamp page, I couldn’t find much on Fragments of Lost Memories. In February they released Again…, a single track lasting nearly 19 minutes. The band also unleashed a full-length album called Decadence. All 4 songs are genuinely foreboding pieces of dark, churning, funeral doom bliss. Decadence shows a tremendous amount of promise from a new band. Each track boasts somber, melancholic leads and riffs guaranteed to rock one’s coffin. If Decadence is any indication, Fragments of Lost Memories will be a band to watch in the coming years. 


In Icelandic the word “eirð” means, “peace of mind", "inner calm", or “serenity.” And that’s exactly what you’ll find on Eirð’s latest opus Prelude To Void. Helmed by Andreas Georg Libera, Whether Prelude To Void is intended to be a journey to the innermost regions of the soul, or to the most obscure realms of the beyond remains unknown. As noted on Eirð’s Bandcamp page, the lyrics for each track, “are written in a ‘soul language’ and cannot be reproduced.” Under the influence of these tracks, listeners should expect to disengage and detach from reality. Eirð warns, “BEWARE: These songs may harm your mental health. I recommend listening via headphone to increase the impact.” Another new album, A Voidchaser’s Elegy should see light TBA. 

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