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Feed Your Ears With The Debut Album from Unorthodox Black Metal Duo BHAVACHAKRA

Posted by on January 26, 2016 at 3:27 pm

One of the best parts about covering music is when a band or release you had no awareness of comes out of nowhere and kicks your ass. Leaving your jaw on the floor, and immediately causing an urgent need to spread the word to everyone you can. That's exactly how I felt after hearing the first Bhavachakra single, "Sybaritic Apparitions" very recently. In my initial assessment of that single, I was often reminded of acts such as Ephel Duath and Krallice. Which I'd say holds true as an apt comparison for a lot of the music on here. Although its worth noting that some of the of music features dissonant death metal and experimental influences to it that's equally intriguing. To back up a little bit, Bhavachakra are a fairly new Floridian act consisting of Ken Reda on guitar, vocals, and bass and rounded out by drummer Paul Stacks. I first heard about them from Ken after following his previous project called Infinite Earths.

So if you like your black metal adventurous, unorthodox, technical, and creative, you really need to press play on Bhavachakra below. This is one of the best black metal releases I've heard in a long time. Far fresher sounding than many of their peers who rarely venture beyond the realms of conventional sounding black metal. Now that we've gotten the introduction out of the way, it's time for you to decide how you feel about it. And it's okay if you come to the wrong conclusion and dislike it! But at least give it a shot. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and amazed if you do.

* Bhavachakra-Bhavachakra comes out this Friday, January 29th. And can be pre-ordered at their bandcamp here.


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