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BLIND EQUATION Streams Frantic New Record Death Awaits

Cybergrind? Nintendocore?

Blind Equation

Blind Equation is here to blend chiptune, grindcore, and a little hyperpop into one bludgeoning piece of work dubbed Death Awaits. If you've been missing Nintendocore over the years, or you're on the cybergrind train these days, this is for you. I mean, that you just wanna hear something unique and fantastic – you'll dig this.

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"Death Awaits is an album entirely written & produced by myself and is one of the most vulnerable and personal releases I've ever shared with the world," said Blind Equation's James McHenry.

"Instrumentally, I wanted the album to take influence from many genres outside of cybergrind. I wanted to present my style of music in a context that isn't common for most heavy bands, and bring my chaotic sound into a more digestible format. I ignored a lot of common metal tropes while writing this album, not exclusive to the entire avoidance of guitars on the release. Some songs don't even have breakdowns which is a huge staple in the genre, and I felt that if a song didn't need it that was completely fine.

"Lyrically, the album deals with intrusive thoughts piling on top of another and not having an outlet to express them and fearing for your own future. This album was my way of opening up about how I was feeling when I felt as if I had nowhere else to express myself. I wrote this album and put it out for others to hopefully help show them that they should find a way to express those feelings in a healthy way and that they aren't as alone as they think they are. Writing this album absolutely helped me and I hope it can do the same for someone else."

Death Awaits is out September 15. Pre-orders are available here.

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