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"FEAR FACTORY" release new song, sounds like FEAR FACTORY, schedule album release


I don't know if you've been following this FEAR FACTORY drama, but here is a quick summary: Burton C. Bell and Dino reformed the band without telling the other two members, Christan and Raymond. Instead they got Byron Stroud and Gene FN Hoglan to be in the band. Christian and Raymond didn't even know about it and apparently own 50% of the name and are all like OH NO YOU DON'T!!

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Earlier this week even, founding FEAR FACTORY drummer, Raymond Herrera, commented that new (nu?) FEAR FACTORY drummer Gene "The Machine" Hoglan might not even be able to keep up, saying:

"The odd thing about that is I spoke to Gene Hoglan a couple of times, and he even mentioned to me, he's like, 'Look, dude, I can't even play some of that [old FEAR FACTORY] stuff.'

"Look, man, it's nothing against Gene — I love Gene. I have nothing against Byron, I have nothing against Gene; this is purely a business thing, [and] I understand that. I'm level-headed enough to understand that, but that's what Gene told me himself — that some of those songs he can't even play

Coincidentally, the nu-FEAR FACTORY decided to release a new song and all signs point to the fuckin Machine being able to pull it off and then some. I mean seriously, there is NOTHING Gene Hoglan can't pull off. The released the song below, and it sounds killer:

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The song is called Powershifter and is set to appear on the band's release "Mechanize", which is scheduled to be released on February 9, 2010 via Candlelight Records. Will it actually come out or will Ray and Christian actually sue the band? Should be an interesting couple of months in Fear Factory land!

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