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Decibel's Clips of the Month

Decibel Clips of the Month, July 2014 – NADER SADEK, CROWBAR, EVERY TIME I DIE & a Classic Clip from GODFLESH

Every month, Decibel scribe Shane Mehling reviews the four videos that appear in the monthly metal mag. under “Decibel’s Clips of the Month at Metal Injection.” This month, watch picks from Nader Sadek, Crowbar, Every Time I Die, and a Godflesh classic clip. 

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Nader Sadek “Re: Mechanic”

What happens when you draw a symbol in the deserts of Egypt and pray? Some weird shit, my dudes. If I have this correct, and lord knows I don’t, underneath the pyramids is a jamming basement where people turn into black goo, which runs through tubes into old Hefty bags. These Hefty bags then make new people who—are you still with me? You didn’t already click away, did you?—go back to the basement and play air drums on anthropomorphic gears and fans. Again, this is all under the pyramids. There’s some more stuff, but it’s clear now that the sectarian violence and censorship of Egyptian journalists is just a distraction from the black goo Hefty bag people.

Crowbar “Walk With Knowledge Wisely”

I think Kirk Windstein is about one of the coolest guys out there, but this video is fucking uncomfortable. The band just stands in this room, trying super hard to play everything correctly, even though the video is obviously dubbed, and there are all these arbitrary shots of Kirk’s be-shorted leg tapping on the ground. This is Crowbar, man, but they all wind up looking like last place in a talent show for dads. This may be the hardest video I’ve had to review, and I watched that 11-minute holocaust by Queensrÿche. Do everyone a favor and just move on.
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Every Time I Die “Thirst”

Dude skateboarding. Flyer for a house party with Every Time I Die. Comical reaction with cartoon sound effect. Two dudes turning up music in a loft. There’s a sword now for some reason. Dancing around in the loft. Some underwear on a head. Beer being poured in a dude’s mouth. More sword stuff, but now with beer. Two dudes on a roof partying with beer. Real long piss stream off the roof followed by a guy shitting in a pipe. They go to a record store and act like jackasses, and remember when one dude was shitting in a pipe? They build a bonfire and jerk off to woods porn, but that shitting in a pipe is really staying with me. Okay, so they get to the house party and pass out and it’s to be continued. And I’m still thinking about that other thing.

CLASSIC CLIP: Godflesh “Mothra”

Maybe this wouldn’t get a lot of clicks on your Upfeeds, but I would love a “Where Are They Now?” for those bit actors in old metal videos. Like, where in the fuck are these two dudes who at one point were eating food at a table in the Black Lodge under a disco ball? They’re probably just chimney sweeps in Bristol or something, but how often in the last 20 years have they had a chance to say, “Oh yeah, I acted like a goddamn oddball for this industrial metal video and wore a suit, and it was pretty cool. So, do you have any siblings?” But don’t tell me where the dog is now—the dog’s dead and that shit is sad.
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