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Decibel's Clips of the Month

Decibel Clips of the Month October 2015: At the Gates, Amorphis, Christian Mistress & Classic Clip from Iron Maiden

Every month, Decibel scribe Shane Mehling reviews the four videos that appear in the monthly metal mag. under “Decibel’s Clips of the Month at Metal Injection.” This month, watch picks from At the Gates, Amorphis, Christian Mistress and a classic clip from Iron Maiden

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At the Gates – “The Book of Sand”

The last At the Gates video I saw was some real boring sci-fi nonsense, so they decided to spare some expense this time and just do a live video at a festival. And, well, how much do you really expect from that? You enjoy close-ups of drum stands? Shots of a somewhat enthusiastic crowd? What about the Monster Energy drink logo? Do you crave footage of Tomas wearing a hat? Is there room in your life for a visual treat known as the Rockstadt Extreme Fest banner? Well then, weirdo, go enjoy yourself.

Amorphis – “Sacrifice”

Guy carrying a coffin through the woods, eh? That’s a good start. How are they gonna fuck this up? Here we go—the guy is also the singer, who has some sort of cyberpunk mic, which absolutely everyone should despise. Okay, now he’s opened the coffin and it’s empty, and he’s literally picking up garbage and throwing it inside, and cut back and he’s still singing into that dumb bullshit. Garbage and sticks, and now he’s set the coffin on fire because this is apparently how they recycle in Finland, and then he walks home, but the mic has survived. That goddamn mic has survived.
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Christian Mistress – “Open Road”

Here is the elevator pitch for the video: “Some grainy camera footage, a flying V, hitchhiking, the beach, a van, a car, playing a flying V on the hood of the car, more hitchhiking, an old mirror, the old mirror on the hood of the car, a fuck-ton more of the beach, live footage that is even grainier, a different flying V, of course a little more of that sweet mirror, and since everyone loves the beach, we go back to the… oh, this is your floor? Okay, well, you know we can always add more… oh, all right, okay. Yeah, talk later.”

CLASSIC CLIP: Iron Maiden – “Flight of Icarus”

This is a combination of the last three videos, but it absolutely kicks your ass in. This footage is grainy because there’s no other option. There are all these insane split screens while they record, there’s a guy in a hood holding a brain who suffers through some of the worst special effects you’ve ever seen, and—you ready for this shit?—they cut to the mixing board and the guy cranks up the Eddie knob! That makes absolutely no sense and it’s the best shit I’ve seen in weeks. Seriously, fuck everything else in the world except this video.
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