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Decibel's Clips of the Month


Posted by on February 6, 2015 at 1:16 pm

Every month, Decibel scribe Shane Mehling reviews the four videos that appear in the monthly metal mag. under “Decibel’s Clips of the Month at Metal Injection.” This month, watch picks from Monster Magnet, Machine Head, Desire Of Sorrow and a classic clip from Living Colour.

Monster Magnet – “The Duke”

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I’m rarely looking forward to a seven-minute video, but we’re talking about Monster Magnet here. They have rarely wasted my time. And in under two minutes, we have a topless girl exploding someone’s head in post-atom bomb Hiroshima. I’m sorry, is that girl now summoning demons? And now making out with another girl? Is that a mushroom cloud shaped like a skull? Don’t worry, folks, it just gets better from here.

Machine Head – “Now We Die”

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Well, here’s another seven-minute video, but Robb Flynn is no Dave Wyndorf. Okay, so hire a bunch of actors, put them in makeup or gas masks or clown makeup, have them run around with violins and fire and strip naked and wait for a firing squad to show up and kill Machine Head and hang them upside down. All right. Then have Flynn sing with a bunch of spit on his nose until people come take them down and, I don’t know, at one point a cow skull gets thrown through a window and there’s a Machine Head flag on fire. Seven minutes of this.

Desire for Sorrow – “Revelation Through Affliction”

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Ah, the foolproof guy-gets tortured-while-some-Cradle-of-Filth-looking-motherfuckers-play-in-an-open-field-video. We watch a cyberpunk with a black eye and a Marilyn Manson eye violently torture—for what seems to be absolutely no reason—some dude, juxtaposed with extensive promo shots of a Korg keyboard. Oh, and at the end the tortured guy escapes, but then turns to see himself(!!!), because the law of metal requires 80 percent of videos to have that twist where the end is actually the beginning, even though there was no story to begin with.

CLASSIC CLIP: Living Colour – “Cult of Personality”

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How long have I been waiting to talk about this thing? No video has made a greater impression fashion-wise than this insane collection of yellow Body Glove spandex, a sort of bullfighter/maître d’ coat decorated by a kindergartener, a guitar that will burn your retinas, pants made out of some material that may have been found in a meteor and an enormous Japanese backpatch. You may wonder why the drummer looks kind of bummed, but it’s probably because he showed up in a sleeveless gym shirt to find his outfit overshadowed by just Corey Glover’s socks.

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