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Decibel's Clips of the Month

Decibel Clips of the Month September 2013: LOST SOCIETY, THE OCEAN, CHIMAIRA and a classic clip from CARCASS

Every month, Decibel scribe Shane Mehling reviews the four videos that appear in the mag under “Decibel’s Clips of the Month at Metal Injection.” This month, watch picks from Lost Society, The Ocean, Chimaira, and a classic clip from Carcass.

Lost Society – “Trash All Over You”

You ever seen a thrash band before? Like one of those thrash bands from the ’80s, with their really sweet long hair and leather jackets over white sleeveless T-shirts and black jeans with white sneakers and Jackson guitars that have stickers and whammy bars and everyone in the band likes to run all over the place and make crazy faces and goof on each other and headbang and just fucking thrash? Well, add some snow and that’s this video.

The Ocean – “Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish in Dreams”

Whatever dystopian future you may be predicting for the world, there is one facet that will never be diminished: metal guys being into metal videos where a pretty lady is naked. Sure, maybe the grainy filter and band’s performance are much more compelling than they seem. And maybe there is a deeper meaning behind the brain illustrations and swirling footage of sea creatures that requires multiple viewings. But don’t try and talk about art and interpretation in the digital age after you’re caught pausing it on the girl’s butt.

Chimaira – “All That’s Left Is Blood”

This video erratically alters the focus as it films the band playing live and, fuck, please, stop that. It’s like the director said, “I have an idea for a video: Astigmatism.” I don’t want to sound like a diaper baby, but I cannot actually watch this video without feeling a slight headache. I’m not sure if this is the intended effect, but I’ll chalk it up to everyone involved just making a terrible aesthetic error and not actually trying to blind me.

CLASSIC CLIP Carcass – “Corporeal Jigsore Quandary”

If you can find anything funny or even slightly interesting about this video, please contact me. It’s just not much more than one of the raddest death metal bands of all time playing one of their rad songs live. That’s great, and you should watch it, but there is nothing else worthwhile I can talk about. Oh, at one point Jeff Walker sticks his tongue out at the camera and it’s really adorable. How about that?

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