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DAVE MUSTAINE, OZZY, DANZIG Join METALLICA Onstage For Final Nights of 30th Anniversary Celebration

Metallica certainly saved the best for last. All last week, the band took over The Filmore in San Francisco for a series of intimate shows to celebrate their 30 years as a band. They really loaded the final two shows with the big guns. On Friday, they brought out Danzig, Halford and Jerry Cantrell. On the last night, Ozzy and Geezer Butler came out to perform some classic Sabbath tunes, Jason Newsted came around again to infuse some energy into the 'tallica stage show, but the biggest news was Dave Mustaine joining the band on stage to perform five songs off of Metallica's debut, Kill 'Em All. Of course there is bootleg video of all of this…

This is the best performance from the entire week, in my opinion. The band ripping through Whiplash with Jason cruuuushing the vocals. There is no way he's coming back, right?

Since this was Metallica talking about their roots, their influences and their beginnings, they obviously had to mention Black fucking Sabbath, and what better way to pay tribute then to get two original members up on stage for some tunes. Fuck yea!

Did anybody else get chills at the opening riff to "Iron Man," I mean hey, I've heard it a million times now, but it's still powerful. Here are the five clips with Mustaine in them, which also featured original bassist Ron McGovney and guitarist Lloyd Grant, who performed on the original demos:

Here are the three songs performed with Danzig, all of which gave me chills for their sheer awesomeness:

They brought out Halford, who taught Jaymz a thing or two about vocal delivery:

An awesome rendition of "Nothing Else Matters" with the ultra-awesome Jerry Cantrell:

Overall, after watching this clips, in writing this post, I couldn't help by fanboy out at the sight of Mustaine up there playing Metallica tunes, or Jason back with the band for one week, or even them bringing out mothafuckin' Danzig for some Misfits songs. For one week, Metallica stopped caring about profits and just wanted to go out there and have fun, and they seemingly achieved that goal. It's hard to say anything negative about these performances. I can however think of some negative things to say about the two new tracks they released at these shows, but I don't want to taint my fanboyishness with negativity, so I'll let the songs speak for themselves:

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