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AUTHOR AND PUNISHER Gets Creepy With A Full Album Stream Of Melk En Honing

Posted by on June 23, 2015 at 4:08 pm

Author and Punisher is a solo project by one Tristan Shone and cannot quite accurately be described in words. It's a terrifying drone noise that occasionally isn't, yet always has this sinister undertone to it… unless otherwise directed by Shone and his insane array of machines.

Shone will be dropping his new record Melk En Honing on June 30 via Housecore Records and was overseen being made by Phil Anselmo, just in case you needed one more good reason to put this record on. It's an active listen though- you can't just throw this on and go about your day. Really get in there and pick apart the noises! Thanks Noisey!

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