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Best of 2014

Frank Huang's Favorite Shows of 2014

We asked our videographer Frank Huang to let us know what were his favorite shows to shoot live. You can watch all of Frank's footage on his channel, Pit Full of Shit.

Gorguts live at Saint Vitus Bar, Dec 21st 2013

I know this is not from 2014 but I didn’t get to list this one last year. I don’t think I need to explain how awesome Gorguts is. This show is still by far one of my favorites of all time, and I got the remixed sound from Colin Marston!

Ash Borer/Hell live at Saint Vitus Bar, July 12th

Thou + The Body at Palisades, July 5th

Thou and The Body put out one of the heaviest album together this year, it’s just natural for these two bands to tour, and even better, play together on the same stage. Lucky for the NYC peeps, they played a separate set earlier that night at ABC No Rio, make sure you check out all their performance!

EHG live at Ottobar, Apr 27th

I would say this is one of the most fun and intense show in 2014, High on Fire, Corrosion of Conformity, Eyehategod, Magrudergrind, and Ilsa all in the same show! I was crazy enough to try out the Super 8mm camera I bought for 25 bucks, which resulted in spending way too much money on films… But the end footage looked so awesome it really worth the credit card debt!

Cult Leader live at The Grand Victory, May 16th

To be honest, Cult Leader’s recording wasn’t really my favorite, so I had some doubts when I went to the show. As soon these guys hit the stage they have become one of my favorite live band, they are even more fierce and heavy than their previous group, Gaza.

Earth live at Saint Vitus Bar, Sep 24th and 25th

Earth had possibly the best sounding guitar I’ve ever heard at Saint Vitus Bar. And usually I can’t stand a set over 40 minutes unless the band is really really good, yet Earth can play a 90 minutes set without me even noticing. Note that the show on the 25th was a benefit show for David Lynch Foundation, please take a look at their program and see what you can do to help with people with traumas.

Witch Mountain live at Studio at Webster Hall, Sep 11th

Witch Mountain had a long history since their formation back in 1997, and personally I think they found their best sound after singer Uta Plotkin joined the band in 2009. This year, they announced their new album, Mobile of Angels and the departure of Uta. Although it’s a bummer, but the band didn’t disappoint at Uta’s last tour, in support of the classic psych act Nik Turner’s Hawkwind, their set mixed mostly new material from Mobile of Angels, but there are also classic WM track as Shelter from Cauldron of the Wild. Really looking forward to see how the band is going to be in the future, let’s hope it we don’t have to wait another 10 years for the next album.

Lord Mantis live at Saint Vitus Bar, Matyrdoom Fest

Matyrdoom Fest is an annual festival for some of the best black/death/doom metal bands from around the world in NYC by Signature Riff. This year they had some good acts like Fister, Mournful Congregation, Sargeist, One Tail One Head, Behexen, Hell Militia, Cult of Fire, Lycus, etc. But the most impressive band for me in the fest was Lord Mantis. Lord Mantis put out one of my favorite album in 2014, Death Mask, it’s dirty, nasty, raw and heavy as fuck. Yet they can push these songs even more extreme in their live set. Unfortunately they are dealing with some internal issues in the band, and probably won’t play any show for a while.

A389 Recordings X Anniversary Bash

At its 10th year anniversary, A389 Recordings has put out one of the most special fest to date, Integrity with Systems Overload lineup, All Out War, Bloodlet, Infest, Haymaker, In Cold Blood, Ringworm, Weekend Nachos, Full of Hell, Noisem, Iron Reagan, etc just to name a few. You can check some of my favorite sets below, and the full fest here.

Southwest Terror Fest

SWTF is in its third year, comparing to the previous two years, they had stepped up their game this time with lineup consisted of Sunn O))), Neurosis, Goatsnake, Author And Punisher, Primitive Man, The Body, Eagle Twin and The Atlas Moth, etc. Also the venues for this year are amazing as well, The Rialto Theatre has some of the best sound I’ve recorded in this type of venue. And I’m sure they will deliver another great fest next year, keep your eye out and plan your trip! You can check the whole fest here.

Denver Black Sky

Curated by Skinless front man, Sherwood Webber, this is the second year of Denver Black Sky, featuring the very last US show of grind legend Brutal Truth. Other that bands like Nails, Cephalic Carnage, Nausea, Municipal Waste, there were also some surprising acts in the fest you should check out such as In The Company of Serpents, Electric Citizen, Doperunner, etc. You can check the whole fest here.

Here are a couple of more bands you should check out!
Ruby The Hatchet
Iron Force
Fucking Invincible (Featuring members from Daughters/Dropdead)
The Drip
Twin Strike

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