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AUTHOR & PUNISHER Mastermind Explains Making Music With Just Machines and Masks

Finally getting the recognition he deserves!

Finally getting the recognition he deserves!

Wow, so much music is being made without using traditional instruments nowadays. Earlier this week, we posted about robots with 72 fingers and 22 hands, as well as the all-robot band Compressorhead but this is some next level shit.

Author and Punisher, the one-man project of Tristan Shone, is arguably one of the coolest artists experimental music has seen in a while. Shone literally uses no traditional instruments in concocting his particular brand of doom-ish metal and relies solely on machines and masks he has built over the years. Yeah, masks. As in masks you put on your face and talk, scream and make noise into which will then distort the noises into something else. Aside from the masks he's got machines he's built that make different noises, be it MIDI-controlled, drone or otherwise. They also have cool names like "Rack and Pinion" and "Big Knobs," because when you're this inventive everything needs sick names!

Check out the video below of Shone running you through a small portion of his arsenal of machines, and of course go check out his catalogue of music!

[Photos by John Francis Peters of Wired/via Wired]

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