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10 MORE Awesome Underground Bands You Need In Your Life!

If I ran a label…

If I ran a label...

As a follow-up to my post last year titled “10 Awesome Underground Bands You Need In Your Life!,” I'm back with the 10 underground bands I've been praising this year. It not only allows me to talk about the metal I love, which is one of my favorite past times, but more importantly connects amazing artists with potential new fans in the world. In today’s climate, the words “unsigned” or “underground” don’t mean a thing when noting the quality of their music, which is sometimes even better than bigger bands out there.

Morbid Vomit


I’ve been raving about this band to pretty much everyone I know, and the good news is they seem to enjoy it! Aside from the excellent band name, Morbid Vomit’s mix of old-school meets new-vibe European death metal is absolutely vicious, and a prime example of an underground band doing it better than artists 100x their size. Grab their debut LP Doctrine Of Violence available now, it’s one of my favorites this year.



I’m not even sure half of you guys can handle the sensual retro appeal of Hugh Myrone’s soft-shred, but I’m going to talk about it anyway, because the dude’s work is just pure genius! Listening to Myrone is what I always imagined it’d be like to watch the movie Rad, on a View Master, while sitting inside a DeLorean. In other words, it’s intriguing, sonically familiar, and all kinds of awesome! If you’re into amazing song writing paired with lots of tasteful guitar shred, you might want to check it out.



Igorrr (real name: Gautier Serre) is a mad scientist based out of France that has been making my favorite black metal-electro-dub-grind records for years. So it comes as a shock to me that most people haven’t heard of him yet, especially considering he might be single handedly pushing the genre boundaries further than anyone I know of. Think Castevet, Mr. Bungle, Genghis Tron, Skrillex, Jean Reno, and a 9 year old shitting on a toilet joined a band together. I absolute love this dude’s music, although most people I show it to can’t stand it. That may explain why he’s on this list after what I consider an impressive 11 year career in “weird”.

Immortal Bird

Immortal Bird is a breath of fresh air in a sea of bands falling short in making unique music today. Their debut album Empress/Abscess is an impressive record that runs the gamut of vibes in a way that makes it so damn intriguing. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are several labels looking to snatch up this band right now.



Svalbard’s sonic pairing of melody meets melancholy is some of the best I’ve heard in years, and the excellent production on the album makes it ready for global consumption. I’m winking at you, U.S. record labels! As I mentioned in our music video premiere, I’m absolutely hooked on their album One Day All This Will End. Give it a go and you might be too.

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