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10 Awesome Underground Bands You Need In Your Life!

Posted by on September 19, 2014 at 2:24 pm

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Through my travels and tours over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to see a few amazingly talented underground acts. While some have signed with labels and moved out from the underground, there are still many you are dying to hear, but just don’t know it yet. You might have caught a few this past week in various formats, but as we near the end of Underground Buzz Week on Metal Injection I’d like to draw your ear to just 10 more hidden gems you really need to check out!

Moon Tooth

Moon Tooth Follow Moon Tooth on Facebook

This band rocks a flawless show with so much style I can’t help but grin ear to ear while watching them do their thing. They’re incredibly fun, super talented, and excellent song writers. You may hear a little influence from the likes of DEP and Mastodon, but Moon Tooth brings it all together in a unique way that makes it their own.

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Castrator Follow Castrator on Facebook

Ever wonder what brutal death metal played by pretty ladies would sound like? Spoiler: It’s fucking heavy, emasculating, and awesome! I’ve had the pleasure of watching this all girl band perform live recently, and I recommend you do the same!
They only have a demo at this time, but stay on the look out for a debut album coming soon.


The Great Wall

The Great Wall Follow The Great Wall on Facebook

If you’re into experimental heady jams that riff in odd times then this is definitely a band for you! The Great Wall is a very unique band for Los Angeles, but that gives you all the more reason to go check this band out! If you’re into stuff like Intronaut, Cloudkicker or Tool you won’t be sorry.


Torrential Downpour

Torrential Downpour Follow Torrential Downpour on Facebook

Torrential Downpour’s new album Truth Knowledge Vision is a regular on my iPhone since I received it. As furious as Meshuggah and enchanting as Enya, most bands would have a hard time blending those 2 types of compositions together. But most bands are not Torrential Downpour.



Aminals Follow Aminals on Facebook

These days I’m so used to watching burly metal dudes on stage. Beards, stains, denim vests and 3 weeks of tangled unwashed hair type of thing, regardless of the sub genre they play. So I was already intrigued by the handsomely clean cut dudes of Aminals setting up on stage, but watching them play is what turned me into an immediate fan. Erratic structured hard core is their game, and they play it very, very well. They have a full length album on the way, and I can’t wait to see them blow up.



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