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The 5 Most Metal Things About WAYNE'S WORLD On Its 25th Anniversary

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Wayne’s World, a hesher classic and Metal Injection favorite starring the legendary Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey!

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As we celebrate the seminal film and all it’s glorious moments, we’re counting down the 5 most metal things about the film. You can pick up Wayne's World for as low as $8.50 on BluRay on

1. The Film Was Directed By Penelope Spheeris
Photo via Penelope Spheeris

Photo via Penelope Spheeris

Having just completed her work on another metal classic, The Decline Of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years, Spheeris was picked up by Lorne Michaels to direct Wayne’s World in quick, almost guerrilla fashion. With the entire film shot in just 32 days, Spheeris was chosen because of her quick skills and understanding of the metal DIY aesthetic, at times even pushing the actors to be more metal.

2. Wayne’s World Showed Headbanging To The Rest Of The World

One of the most iconic scenes found in Wayne’s World is easily Wayne, Garth & friends cruising around town head banging to Queen. Almost Guns'N Roses until a last minute change, but that's another story. While not the most brutal band, I think we can all agree that Queen is one of the greatest rock bands found in any metal head’s collection. More importantly, the scene was so iconic that it immortalized both the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” to the point of putting it back on the Billboard Charts 17 years after its initial release, as well as the idea of head banging to the general public. For better or worse, the world learned something incredibly metal back in 1992, even if they had never dared to listen to a metal song in their life.

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3. Garth (Dana Carvey) Playing Drums, For Real

You may remember the scene where Wayne and Garth look to spend their newly earned money like any gifted metalhead, at a music store. What shocked me most about this scene back in the 90’s was how they perfectly synced Garth’s drum solo, something they rarely ever get right in films. So it came as a slight surprise to learn that actor Dana Carvey is a real musician, and actually played the drums in the scene, which explains why it looks and sounds authentic. That’s bad ass!

4. Black Sabbath, The Gods Are Here!!!

You ever watch a film and almost leap out of your chair when you hear your metal jam suddenly come on the silver screen? That’s what happened to me when “Time Machine” off Black Sabbath’s new album release of the time, Dehumanizer, suddenly found its way in Wayne’s car. As the single for Dio’s return to Sabbath, it was all over radio at the time, but a very happy surprise found in the film. As a whole, the Wayne’s World soundtrack is kinda bad ass with tracks from Queen, Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Cinderella and even actress Tia Carrere.

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5. Real Life Metal Heads Were Casted

Through out the film you may notice there's a lot of hair, and this is because many of the people casted in the film were actual metal heads. Including the band members that make up Crucial Taunt, one of the best fictional rocker acts next to the The Lone Rangers and Spinal Tap. Crucial Taunt's members included Marc Ferrari, who played with acts like Keel, Cold Sweat, and even guested on a Pantera album, Anthony Focx of Beautiful Creatures, also played with Alice Cooper, and George Foster of Reckless, who also works with Roxskool in CA.

You can pick up Wayne's World for as low as $8.50 on BluRay on You can also pick up the movie on iTunes

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