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Actor Benicio Del Toro REALLY Loves IRON MAIDEN

Like… for real!

Like… for real!

We love finding out when actors are metalheads. Sure, it's not the biggest deal but it's still really cool to find fellow metalheads amongst Hollywood's parade of actors. This year alone, we found out that the metal army includes Michael Fassbender aka Magneto, Lord of the Rings star Christopher Lee, Nic Cage likes to enjoy metal with his son, Topenga from Boy Meets World loves Lamb of God and of course Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe.

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Turns out we can add Benicio Del Toro to this elite group of celebrity metalheads. My buddy Axl from MetalSucks was listening to the audio commentary on Guardians of the Galaxy in which Del Toro plays The Collector. Writer/director James Gunn had this to say about Del Toro:

“My set [production assistant] was a girl by the name Brittany, who is the daughter of one of the members of Iron Maiden. And Benecio happened to be wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt [on set], and I said “Hey, you know Brittany is the daughter of one of the members of Iron Maiden.” And he was so excited over that, and had to take pictures of him with brittany to send to his friend so that he could share this great moment of meeting the daughter of one of the Iron Maiden guitarists. And she was flipped out of course because Benecio Del Toro is wanting to take a photo with her."

MetalSucks quickly figured out it was Brittany Smith, daughter of guitarist Adrian Smith, who has quite the healthy career as a P.A. Congrats on your successful career, Brittany.

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