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Rock & Metal Musicians React to Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

maroon 5 superbowl

I did it, everybody! I completely avoided all facets of the Super Bowl last night, instead choosing to continue rewatching Game of Thrones in preparation for the final season starting. But, rock and metal Twitter were aflutter as Maroon 5 performed during the Super Bowl halftime show, and going off these reactions alone – not too many people enjoyed the show.

As for the game itself, I looked it up after and it was the lowest scoring Super Bowl game evvvaaar, and then the Patriots won. Anyway, here are some rocker tweets about the halftime show at the game:

There was only one positive reaction and that was from Poison's Brett Michaels:

Although, Five Finger Death Punch's Chris Kael makes a good point:

Tom Morello gave a shout out to his performance the night before:

At least one good thing came out of that performance:

As for the game itself:

One dude was really happy, and that was Sully Erna from Godsmack:

If you want to see for yourself:

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