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KISS Make Interviewer Change His IRON MAIDEN Shirt, Because They're KISS

This is the cringiest thing KISS have ever done.

This is the cringiest thing KISS have ever done.

This interview is from an Argentinian Youtube channel in 2012, but it just came to my attention and it's worth your time for a second because it's one of the craziest things I've ever seen. KISS have done some cringy things in the past – everything from overpriced masks to wine, to caskets and urns to disturbing looking condoms to even marketing a line of air guitar strings, to trying to trademark the devil horns. Somehow, this seems the cringiest.

An interviewer is trying to conduct a discussion with KISS and they interrupt him because they are insulted that the interviewer dare wear an Iron Maiden t-shirt while interviewing them. Look, I understand if you're interviewing the CEO of Apple, you shouldn't be wearing a Microsoft t-shirt, but the difference here is, I'm not sure Iron Maiden and KISS are direct competitors. People can listen to more than one band.

KISS tried to get the interviewer a KISS shirt to wear, but when they couldn't find one, they made him flip his shirt inside out. The band makes sure to point out they have no ill will to Iron Maiden and Gene drops the backhanded shade that they even took out Maiden on their first tour. The entire scene is just incredibly cringeworthy.

[via Travis Ryan]

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