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Bands and Booze, It's Just Business

The New Way For Bands To Make Money: Put Their Brand on Booze!

Posted by on September 30, 2011 at 4:43 pm

Bands can't make a living off record sales anymore. That seems to be a forgone conclusion. So, now these bands and their representation are looking for new avenues to license the band's music, and likeness for profit. KISS built an empire on this! So it comes as no surprise that bands are getting into the booze market. Metal and alcohol go hand in hand, and now they will clash! KISS and Motorhead both announced intentions this week to start selling branded wine.

Simmons was quoted as saying "If you love beer and wine, this one is for you!" SOLD! I imagine many KISS fans, like a glass of red while playing "Detroit Rock City." I imagine this is what they look like when doing it.

Now before you go and accuse me of "hating," please note I bare no ill-will toward Lemmy. I understand the man has a lifestyle to uphold, and he hasn't exactly saved up all his money, so he needs a steady flow of income. KISS on the other hand, well, they stopped caring what people think a long time ago.

The KISS booze are not yet available, but you can get more info on the Motorhead Shiraz here. They aren't the only ones getting in on the action, as hair metal has-beens Warrant and RATT are both currently selling their own brand of wine. Clutch has their own beer, as does Mastodon. I can't wait for Dying Fetus wine, you guys!

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