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Hardcore Band 25 TA LIFE Played Live Without A Drummer And It's Super Awkward

Seriously, please never play hardcore sans drums.

Seriously, please never play hardcore sans drums.

Alright, so apparently this is New York hardcore band 25 Ta Life playing a live show without a drummer, and I have quite a few questions that we'll get to after we watch this.

Right. So…

  • Why? The guy who posted this video says "show was supposed to be all acoustic, that is why there is no drummer playing," but who thought that was a good idea?
  • Isn't an acoustic show not supposed to be an electric shows, which this is?
  • Is 25 Ta Life playing someone's backyard?
  • Is the drummer there just watching and feeling awkward?

Here's the original version, in case you wanted to know what this actually sounds like. I guess the one potential bright side here is that maybe this is just a cover band of 25 Ta Life? Either way… why. Why did this happen.

[via Lambgoat]

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