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Entirely Black Chickens Inside & Out Are The Most Metal Bird Ever

Posted by on September 12, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Black is the new black apparently! Yesterday, we told you about these new black cheese burgers they're selling in Japan, but this story tops that one by a mile. The Ayam Cemani Chicken of Indonesia are referred to as the "Lamborghini of Poultry," probably because procuring one will set you back about $2,500, compared to the average chicken which goes for about $5.

Everything is black, the exterior, the organs, even the bones. The blood, while not completely black, is a darker shade than normal. The black coloring comes from a genetic trait known as fibromelanosis.

Check out some of these photos:


Ayam-Cemani-Chicken 1 Ayam-Cemani-Chicken 2 Ayam-Cemani-Chicken3

These chickens beat out that Norwegian lamb who's fur is patterned similarly to corpse paint as the most metal animal ever.

[Geekologie via MetalSucks]

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