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Conspiracy Theorists Share 5G Chip "Mind-Control" Diagram, That's Actually Just A Guitar Pedal

These are some very special people.


Unfortunately alongside the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines comes a slew of unfounded conspiracy theories floating around the Internet. One of the best ones so far was shared by Red Hat programmer Mario Fusco, alleging that some Italians are sharing a diagram of the "5G chip" that "will in the COVID-19 vaccine." Except what the diagram really is, is the electrical circuitry of the BOSS Metal Zone MT-2 pedal.

There's really no sources pointing to anyone specific sharing this outside CDM, but how great would it be if this were actually true? Also, how great would it be if we could just install killer distortion pedals into our bodies. I have no idea what we'd actually do with them, but it feels like it would be pretty metal.

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