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CHAKA KHAN Never Sounded So Metal

Okay, I realize this sounds lame, but just check it out.

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So apparently Jon Gomm (guitar mutant, famous for his song "Passionflower") and Daniel Tompkins got together recently and decided that they weren't awesome enough separately, so they covered Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody." I don't know the original because I never really cared enough to check it out, but damn is this cover sweet. Or at least sweet enough to make me feel like I've been missing out on some solid music, though it'll be harder for me to appreciate the original now that I've heard this badass version. Gomm's playing is essentially that of an entire band, and Tompkins is… well, he's Tompkins, doing all that "being really good at vocals" stuff. I sincerely hope they form a band called Gompkins, and play these kind of jams. Maybe even get Mike Semesky in on the action, since he's all about them cover songs as well.

Maybe then they can call themselves Gompkinesky, which could either be a band or some kind of Russian city… or torture device. Whatever you're into.

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