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What is The Most Metal Video Game of All Time?

Spoiler: It's not Brutal Legend.

Spoiler: It's not Brutal Legend.

Metal and video games go hand and hand. The fine folks at Game Trailers seem to agree, so they put together a list of the top 10 most metal video games. The criteria was that the game had to have metal music featured prominently and they excluded all the obvious rhythm games like Guitar Hero: Metallica to keep things less obvious.

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Immediately, I assumed Brutal Legend, the game featuring a roadie voiced by Jack Black saving metal icons like Rob Halford and Ozzy Osbourne, would be number one, but it doesn't even crack the top 5.

As I've admitted previously, I am but a casual gamer, and I honestly hadn't heard of some of these games, but will definitely be checking them out now. I can't at all disagree with the #1 pick, as it was an addiction of mine going back to my youth. No spoilers, here's the video:

Do you agree with these choices? What's your pick for the most metal video game?

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[Thanks for the tip LLD]

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