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Microsoft CEO Hints At A Potential New Guitar Hero Game

It's on the list of IPs they're interested in.

Guitar Hero
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You might've seen that Microsoft recently acquired video game publisher Activision Blizzard for a cool $68.7 billion. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer listed a handful of intellectual properties he's looking forward to work on including the classic Guitar Hero.

"I was looking at the IP list, I mean, let's go!" Spencer said. "King's Quest, Guitar Hero … I should know this but I think they got HeXen."

"We're hoping that we'll be able to work with them when the deal closes to make sure we have resources to work on franchises that I love from my childhood, and that the teams really want to get," he added later. "I'm looking forward to these conversations. I really think it's about adding resources and increasing capability."

The last Guitar Hero game we got was in 2015 with Guitar Hero Live, though the controller configuration for that one included more frets than all the previous iterations. So if you're more of a traditionalist, then the last Guitar Hero game was Warriors Of Rock in 2010.

More importantly – if there's a new Guitar Hero game, what impossible songs should be included?

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