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DETHKLOK coming to X-Box Arcade.

This is not an image from the game, but click here for something cool

Oh snap, our bro-hos at MetalSucks got some news on a Dethklok game coming to X-Box Arcade, titled (what else?) Metalocalypse: Dethgame. Overseen by Brendon Small. As Axl (Hi Axl!) described it, the game will allow you to "play as a Klokateer, one of Dethklok’s roadies, and [you] will be charged with the task of protecting the band and their own mega-mansion, Mordhaus, from 'rabid mutant fans.' There will also be mini-games." Sounds like a fun concept. How awesome would it be if Dr. Rockso was some sort of boss-type mutant?

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The above image is not a screencrap from the game, but it would be really cool if this was a throwback to '90s arcade games with simple cheesy plots like the Simpsons game and the Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games. Dethgame is still in development with scheduled to be released in the game which just so happens to be when the band's upcoming new CD comes out.

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