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Death Goat Brings The Metal To Your X-Box 360

Yeah, that's the logo for an upcoming indie Xbox 360 shooter-style game titled Death Goat. Shockingly, it features some sweet jams.

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Just from the trailer, we can gather that Holy Grail, Ovid's Withering, Konkeror, Immortal Guardian, Lorelei and Vanisher. Now add in that the press release also mentions that Between the Buried and Me and God Forbid make appearances in the game and… well damn, that's one heavy game. It's pretty impressive that the creators of the game have dug deeper than just the surface of heavy music to dig up guys like Ovid's Withering and Lorelei, which obviously showcases how trve and kvlt they are… or something. Whatever it is those crazy elitists say.

The bottom line is that I will definitely be picking this game up, both for the music and because it looks like it's a fun little game to play through at least once. Granted, I'm judging gameplay from about two minutes of actual footage from the trailer, but that two minutes looks pretty sweet. Nice to see the guys over at Nocturnal Studio didn't just take the gimmicky path of "check out that soundtrack" without considering actual gameplay.

Death Goat is slated for release before the end of the month.

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