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Confirmed: Master METALLICA Song to be featured on Guitar Hero III

Earlier today, the makers of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock announced they would feature the holy grail of shredding anthems, SLAYER's "Raining Blood". It looks like they're bringing their A game, as during a press call, a spokesperson from Activision, the makers of the game, casually slipped up that a track by METALLICA will be featured in the game.

Video game site, Game Daily is reporting that they have confirmed with an insider at Activision that METALLICA will definitely be featured in the game, and they dropped the bombshell that it would be the master recording of their epic "One." This definitely tops Rock Band's news that they will feature "Enter Sandman."
So, let me get this straight…METALLICA and SLAYER, in the same game? I am sold!

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