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AMON AMARTH Has Its Own 8-Bit Mobile Game And It Looks Amazing

Posted by on November 21, 2017 at 10:39 am

Amon Amarth officially has its own mobile game and the topic is exactly what you expected the topic to be – motherfuckin' vikings. The game is available in the App Store and Google Play, and the concept is simple. According to the press release, "You are Thor and your mission is simple: cleanse Midgard from all of the vile creatures that are threatening the (*ahem*) peaceful Viking way of life."

You get to control your hammer Mjolnir as a weapon, call down thunder and lightning, and you get to do this all to the tune of some retro-styled Amon Amarth classics!

The unique game features four worlds, four epic battles, 12 unique levels and 13 different Amon Amarth tracks with retro video game sounds!

The game is available worldwide to the public for iOS and Android Phones and Tablets for a retail price of $8.99. This link redirects the mobile or tablet user to their correct App Store:

The idea for the game was conceived in the fall of 2015 when Robert Chirico Willstedt, a video game producer in Stockholm and founder of Ride & Crash Games AB, met Amon Amarth. Robert and the band bonded over epic amounts of beer and a common love of video games, and they started discussing how cool it would be if they could create a video game for Amon Amarth.

There and then, the idea was born of a retro style Viking platformer with Amon Amarth music in ’80s sounding square wave format. Robert hand-picked a team of developers and designers to realize the game concept. The band met the development team continuously during the development process to ensure the end product would stay true to the initial vision of the game. This is an authentic Amon Amarth product.

Grab Mjolnir. Blast Amon Amarth. Save Midgard.

If you'll excuse us, we've got some mobile gaming to attend to.

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