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Yes, DRAGONFORCE's "Through The Fire And Flames" Was Featured In A Despicable Me 4 Trailer During An NFL Game

Metal in the mainstream strikes again.

Dragonforce's classic 2006 track "Through The Fire And Flames" is finding new life once again, this time as the soundtrack to the Despicable Me 4 trailer. The trailer aired during last Sunday's NFL game that pitted the Kansas City Chiefs against the Baltimore Ravens, providing everyone with a quick moment of metal.

Clearly Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li was stoked about the appearance, as he tweeted: "Dragonforce music on NFL playoff prime time TV ad? Yes, it happened with Despicable Me 4. Thank you!"

While "Through The Fire And Flames" might be old, Dragonforce will release a brand new record named Warp Speed Warriors on March 15. Pre-orders are available here. As for "Through The Fire And Flames" and its storied history as part of Guitar Hero III, Li revealed in a 2022 TikTok that Dragonforce didn't actually get rich off the appearance.

"How many millions of dollars did I get? Well, I'll tell you this. Guitar Hero actually only paid a one-off fee to use the song. So [it was] less than $3,000. Maybe even less."

Li said that even though Dragonforce didn't get paid much, the exposure was huge for the band. "At that time, guitar music wasn't really that popular," later adding "Letting the audience hear our music and decide if they like it or not was really special, because we definitely don't play music that fits the radio. You're not gonna hear seven minutes of shredding melodic metal on the radio."

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