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Will FILTER's Politically Charged "Murica" Music Video Trigger You?

Filter has dropped a new single, "Murica," and frontman Richard Patrick is surely hoping the new music video will trigger some folks. Speaking to AltPress, he said of the video:

“The ultimate sin of the entire thing is that it’s poor people versus poor people. If Americans actually learned the real truth of what was going on with their finances, with everything that’s going on in the world, rich people have a stranglehold on them. It’s outlets like Fox News and Breitbart and the Mercer family.

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It’s rich people that are keeping us at each other’s throats so that we don’t fucking see what they’re doing with their finances.

And it’s so obvious. Trump is just playing along in the game. He’s not rich. He’s not seriously wealthy. Like [2.5] billion wealthy. You know, he’s sleazy. He’s a bottom dweller, just like the rest of us.

It’s the people that are super-insanely wealthy that are really fucking controlling us. For the last four years, the right has owned the government. They’ve loosened up their taxes. They can pollute more. And they’ve got the right mad at the left. And it keeps us all occupied.”

He described the character featured towards the end of the video:

“The character in the video is a Trump-supporting, gun-loving, unmedicated, super-freak ’merican unhinged and at his wits’ end. And he’s trying to take control of something that is not out of control. And he’s afraid. He’s the super-afraid white male. The Trump-supporting nutbag that I hope I can reach.

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These guys that are so far right that they think CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC [and] BBC are all out to get our President Trump. Like they’re all in a conspiracy to be super-left-wing, crazy liars. I’m trying to make an attempt to show them what they look like.

These are the guys that can only listen to Fox News and Breitbart and that type of news outlet. They believe every fucking thing that the Rush Limbaugh’s, the Alex Jones’ [say] and listen to only the right wing, ‘the truth, man.’

They ‘do their own research’ and believe 9/11 was an inside job, President Obama wasn’t a real citizen and the lunar landings were faked. Hillary Clinton personally went out and killed people in Benghazi and it’s her fault, she’s [a] criminal and ‘lock her up.’ It’s those people that I’m portraying in the video.

Who is the character aiming at at the end of the video? He’s aiming at anyone from the left and at anyone from the normal middle. The regular folks who make up the country that are pretty much normal and just want to raise their kids and stay COVID-19-free and try and make a living.”

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As for when fans can expect new Filter:

“Right now, my thing is releasing singles one at a time. Because they’re topical, and they get out faster. The new Filter record… There’s like two or three songs I did with Brian [Liesegang, original co-founding member].

Then there’s a bunch of songs I’m doing with my friend Alex Crescioni, who’s more of a metal guitar player. And of course, Jonny Radtke. These last couple of years, especially with ‘Crazy Eyes‘, I just feel better being angry and industrial. My favorite singer right now is scarlxrd. He’s the most amazing fuckin’ young talent. Him and REZZ: That’s the music I listen to every day. I’m more into stuff that’s intense and in your face.

There’s a hip-hop song I wrote with this guy named Tweeze. He raps in it, and he’s a fucking genius. I wrote the music and the hook by myself, and then I asked Tweeze to come in and rap. And it’s fucking solid. It’s called ‘Everybody Is Talking And No One’s Listening.’ It doesn’t sound like Filter at all. It’s a complete left turn.”

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