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Watch VENOM PRISON Rip Through Four Songs In The Studio

Live Footage

Watch VENOM PRISON Rip Through Four Songs In The Studio

Venom Prison will destroy you.

Venom Prison recorded their new album Samsara at Vagrant Recordings in Southport, England, and now they've returned for a killer four-song set. Watch as the band rips through "Uterine Industrialisation", "Matriphagy", "Asura’s Realm", and "Implementing The Metaphysics Of Morals", and don't forget to grab the album here.

Here's what Venom Prison had to say about the performance.

“Vagrant is like a second home to the artists who record there, we have worked with Tom [Dring] on both our records and so when the opportunity arose to do a live session, Vagrant felt like the right place. We have created some of our best work in Vagrant Most of the material that those attending shows have heard was recorded right there between those four walls, so to play the tracks back to back in there is quite a unique memory. Dring engineered the session and anyone who has recorded at Vagrant knows that when he is behind the controls, the results are guaranteed to be explosive.”

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