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Wacken 2022 Slipknot

Live Footage

Watch Three Songs From SLIPKNOT's Wacken 2022 Set

The full set was long, obviously.

Wacken Open Air is now streaming three songs from Slipknot's first-ever headlining set during the 2022 festival. The full set was 15 songs, but you can check out the following three in pro-shot quality:

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02:08 "Before I Forget"
08:28 "Duality"
12:52 "Spit It Out"

Slipknot was recently announced as one of the few headliners to play Welcome To Rockville 2023. As far as the band's career goes post-Roadrunner, Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor recently he has an idea for a double concept album that he'd love to get done at some point.

"It's kind of difficult to get 9 people in the same place anymore because we're old and dicks, but the cool thing is that we all still get excited about good ideas. [Guitarists] Jim [Root] and Mick [Thomson] are so good at writing music, me and Clown work really well coming up with stuff together, [bassist] V-Man is actually really good. So we've done so much in our career that at this point we could sit back and just do EPs. Or I've got a good idea for a double concept record with a whole story line that goes along with it that I would love to do.

"But the cool thing is that we've kind of established our history, so whatever comes next will naturally be something that we want to do. So whether it's going in and just blasting out a couple psycho tunes and just have fun doing that, or we go in and do a very elaborate plan like the story line or something, either way it'll be something we're totally into. I try to back, I back the group, ya know?

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"At this point we've released so much music and we're off our label now so the kinda sky's our limit. We can do whatever we want, so whatever we do next will be something we are all on the same page for, Which is something you can't always say.”

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