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Watch This Couple Cut Their Wedding Cake To HATEBREED's "Destroy Everything"

The bride seemed cool with it.

Last week we talked about a Slayer moshpit opening up at a MetalSucks' reader's wedding, and this week we've got MetalSucks reader Chris Schweitzer cutting his wedding cake to Hatebreed's "Destroy Everything." Schweitzer tells MetalSucks his wife Katie told him he could choose any song he'd like to cut the cake to and couldn't resist the urge.

“My now-wife, Katie, gave me a gift when we met with the DJ where I could choose a song — any song — for our cake cutting. Naturally, I went with ‘Destroy Everything’ from Hatebreed, and cut into the cake right as it kicked in.”

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Congratulations to Chris and Katie! Hopefully your families were either clued in on this prior, and didn't mind the eardrum-shattering volumes at which it was played.

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