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Slayer 1988

Live Footage

Watch SLAYER Play South Of Heaven Classics For One Of The First Times Live In 1988


There's something magical about watch bands debut classic songs live for the first time ever, especially such a beloved one like Slayer. Yes, Slayer originally debuted their South Of Heaven classics "South Of Heaven" and "Mandatory Suicide" live at the Agora in Cleveland, OH on August 4, 1988, but the quality ain't great. So we're taking a look at the band's performance of the tracks a few weeks later on August 31 that same year at The Felt Forum in New York City. Same tour – close enough.

Slayer released their South Of Heaven record on July 5, 1988 and began touring on the record about a month later. The New York show from that tour showcases the band after having warmed up over the previous few weeks, ready to kick some serious ass… and they do. I also love that the video includes the commercial for the show, which is so hilariously '80s. Especially the "no mamby pamby rock and roll. This is Slayer!" bit. Love it.

  1. "South of Heaven"
  2. "Raining Blood"
  3. "Silent Scream"
  4. "At Dawn They Sleep"
  5. "Read Between the Lies"
  6. "Fight Till Death"
  7. "Mandatory Suicide"
  8. "Kill Again"
  9. "Behind the Crooked Cross"
  10. "Postmortem"
  11. "Reborn"
  12. "Die by the Sword"
  13. "Altar of Sacrifice"
  14. "Jesus Saves"
  15. "Chemical Warfare"
  16. "Ghosts of War"
  17. "Angel of Death"

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